Fred R. Goldstein

Fred R. Goldstein is the principal of Ionary Consulting.  He advises clients on technical, regulatory and business issues related to the telecommunications, cable and Internet industries, especially in areas where they overlap.

Some relevant examples of his experience include:

Since founding Ionary Consulting, Mr. Goldstein has assisted numerous clients, primarily competitive telecommunications service providers (cable, ISP, CLEC) and their suppliers, with technical, regulatory and business matters.  He has been employed by Arthur D. Little Inc. in its Communications, Information and Electronics practice, and by TIAX LLC. He was previously with the Network Consulting Practice at BBN Technologies, a unit of GTE Internetworking. He was earlier employed by Digital Equipment Corporation as an in-house telecommunications consultant, and as a strategic planner and product manager in its Networks and Communications business.  Before that, he was corporate telecommunications manager for Bolt Beranek and Newman, after working for the consulting firm Economics and Technology Inc.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Skidmore College. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He received three patents in the area of Asynchronous Transfer Mode technology, including two for methods of congestion control and avoidance, and one for a LAN-oriented ATM switching system. He has been a member of the faculty of the State-of-the-Art Program at Northeastern University, and has taught courses on ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, telecommunications transmission, and OSI and TCP/IP protocols. He has also taught several satellite courses on ATM, Frame Relay and ISDN for National Technological University.

He is currently a columnist for TMCnet, a major technology web site, focusing on Telecom Policy issues. Articles include:

Fiber Dividend or New Digital Divide?

Embracing Failure:  The FCC’s Disastrous Internet Policy

Living in the Past

After Comcast, Can the FCC Order Network Neutrality?

The Net That Got Away

What Does It Mean to be Internet?

Universal Service: Uncle Sam’s Blank Check

Of Network Privacy, Neutrality, and Turtles

The Dismal Reality of Internet Management

Quality of Service Doesn't Justify IMS Walled Gardens

Intermodel Competition: The Internet's Threat to Telcos

The Tyranny of the Low Home Phone Rate

Net Neutrality and the Internet Video Red Herring (also published in Internet Telephony, April 2006)

How Big Ed Torpedoed Lucent, and Other Stories

Spectrum Banking: How the FCC Creates Scarcity

Network Neutrality is an Answer to the Wrong Problem

Selected publications include:

The Great Telecom Meltdown, book published by Artech House, 2005.

The Telecom Blame Game, guest column in CNET Perspectives series, October 2002.

Enterprise Network Strategy After the Bubble (co-author), article in Business Communications Review, February 2002.

Cable Should Take a Fresh Look at Access (co-author), article in Multichannel News, Oct. 18, 1999.

ISDN In Perspective, book published by Addison-Wesley, 1992.

Trends in Communications Management, editor and principal writer, 1980-1987. Newsletter published by Telemation Management Group, New York.